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18 October 2011 @ 02:36 pm
Apparently we'll take care of a fake baby omg I DON'T GET IT TEACHER I'M NOT GONNA GET PREGNANT WHILE I'M STILL A TEENAGER, GOT IT? it's obviously to teach us how hard is to raise a baby this young lol and they were saying that we have to choose a boy partner to marry him ahahah so I said to my best friend (because I dislike most boys in my class) HEY LET'S GET MARRIED and a friend said NOPE, HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE IS NOT EVEN LEGAL HERE YET and it's true... now I wonder how's gonna be like because we're like 54 people in my class and more than the 70% are boys, and the teacher's going to set up our partner.
I think of two options: 1) there are going to be a lot of single dads or 2) a few girls are going to have two husbands omg

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